The play specialist enables the child to bear, cope and tolerate their time and treatment in hospital
“Parents often report that “We couldn’t get by without their input.”
“The whole frightening feeling is taken away.”
“Has significantly reduced the time taken to treat the children”

News & Events

NAHPS 2022  Dates for Diary

47th Annual NAHPS Conference & Annual General Meeting

Friday 17th June 2022, Corams, London, WC1

This year’s theme is “Beyond the Pandemic”

What we have learned, and how this has informed future practice

Conference bookings are now closed

Following this link for outline agenda


Past events 2022 – thank you for attending

Annual Scottish Spring Masterclass Wednesday 6th April 2-4pm via TEAMS

This year’s theme: “Helping children and young people with disabilities and

anxiety have a positive hospital experience”, 

Led by a specialist Disability Liaison Nurse, Blair Thomson


Previous events of 2021 – thank you for attending

10th November 2021 – Hugh Jolly Memorial Afternoon Workshops & Evening Lecture

11th October – 17th October 2021 – Play in Hospital Week in partnership with the Starlight Foundation and launching at Oxford University Hospital

March 2021 – “Experiences of HPS working through the COVID-19 pandemic”


June 2021 – “Caring for babies with long term healthcare needs”

Purchase your copy of the pre-recorded webcast here


July 2021 – NAHPS Annual General Meeting and Key Note Lecture/Workshop, Virtual




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