NAHPS Master Classes

Welcome to our new master classes which will begin in 2019.

NAHPS will be running these teaching sessions twice a year, one run in the South of England and one run in the North of England.  They will be FREE to NAHPS members and priority will be given to NAHPS members.  However, if you wish to attend and you are not a NAHPS member, NAHPS encourages you to join NAHPS.  To become a member please click join NAHPS tab on the website.


Northern Master Class

11th September 2019

Leeds Children’s Hospital

NAHPS session will take place 13.15 – 16.15 with members invited to join for the whole day at Leeds Children’s Hospital’s Conference

The NAHPS masterclass will be facilitated by Leeds CAMHS, the subject will be “Understanding Autistic Spectrum Conditions”

Click here for the AGENDA

Thank you for attending this event




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