Regional Groups

Would you like to meet with other hospital and community play staff in your area to share views and ideas? There are many groups of hospital and community play staff across the country that meet regularly.

What happens at these group meetings?

Normally these groups meet about 3 to 4 times a year, and take place at the hospitals of each of the members of the group, in turn. These groups are a good place to exchange ideas and gain support from other play staff.  Some groups invite outside speakers or provide presentations themselves to make it a study day and give attendance certificates. For some these meetings take place all day and others are for just a few hours. The groups mainly take place on a workday, but some do take place at weekends, it is up to your group to decide these details.

Who are these groups for?

Play specialists, play assistants, play leaders, student play specialists, play team volunteers as well as any play staff who are currently not working in the profession and want to keep their skills up to date. For more information about any of the groups for hospital and community play staff or if you are interested in setting up a new group, please contact: or

Recently we have had several play specialists enquiring about setting up a networking group for London and the surrounding areas. If anyone is interested in being involved in a group in this area, please do let me know. Also, please let us know if you are trying to set up a group in another area of the country and would like help or if you are already running a group not listed here.

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